Paediatric emergencies can be truly intimidating.

I plan to use this page to record my own journey towards specialising in paediatric emergency nursing. I can’t quite afford the time or finances to formalise my study this year (2014), but my goal is to start a Graduate Certificate in Paediatric Emergency Nursing next year.

I will use the remainder of 2014 to read through some paediatric textbooks and manuals, journal articles and blogs. I’ll use this blog page to organise my resources and get ready to start the more formal studies. There are no obvious paediatric “go to” nurses or doctors in the Emergency Department where I currently work, so there is certainly a niche to be filled.

I already have a small amount of paediatric study under my belt, including:
* becoming a resus4kids trainer in 2013
* Emergency Nursing Paediatric Course (ENPC) in 2011

I’m excited about this choice of direction for the next few years!

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